Made in Quebec : A Culinary Journey


Canada’s culinary treasure revealed in recipes, stories and photographs.

Canada has a culinary treasure in Quebec, one that is not perhaps as celebrated as it could be, at least outside of that distinct and gloriously food-obsessed region. Julian Armstrong, longtime food writer for The Montreal Gazette, has spent her career eating, cooking, thinking and writing about Quebecois food. Quebec, A Cookbook is the result of those years of delicious effort.

Quebec has a cuisine firmly based on French foundations, but blended and enriched over the years by the cooking styles of a variety of immigrant groups, initially British and American, more recently Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern and Asian. More than in any other province or region in Canada, people in Quebec are passionate and knowledgeable about their food.



Julian Armstrong

Native de Toronto, Julian Armstrong possède un diplôme en histoire moderne de l’Université de Toronto. Dans les années 1960, elle a quitté Toronto pour venir s’établir à Montréal. Elle a été directrice de la section alimentation au Montreal Star jusqu’à la fermeture du journal en 1979, Julian a rédigé de…[...]
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« Julian Armstrong brings us right into the biodiversity of Quebec.These delicious recipes beautifully tell the story of a culture rich in food traditions and with a thriving community of sustainable purveyors  » -Alice Waters

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